Ski Tuning

For the do-it-yourselfer, here are some tips from our experts using the low variable approach to ski tuning:

The goal of the low variable approach is to achieve consistency in tuning from one ski to the next. The approach includes tool maintenance, base damage assessment, base repair options, achieving a flat ski, beveling (base edge and side edge), detuning, base finish.

The Tools:

The Luxury Tools:

Ski tuning by Eddie

Fast Eddie tuning skis at Land Park Ski & Sports

The Supplies:

The Procedure:

  1. Inspect ski for delamination (if crushed base, take to shop)
  2. Clean base (linear motion)
  3. Melt p-tex in gouges - let cool
  4. Epoxy "core gouges" (5-minute epoxy)
  5. Scrape excess p-tex (metal scraper)
  6. File the edges (mill file and/or multi-tuner)
  7. Bevel bases & edge 0-3 degrees
  8. De-burr & polish edges (softer stone)
  9. De-tune tip & tail (file & stone)
  10. Melt wax and let cool (iron)
  11. Scrape (plastic scraper)
  12. Polish base (structure brush or scotch brite)
  13. Practice - Practice - Practice!